Financial technology, known as fintech, is a boom area for businesses and investors right now, and Britain is leading the way in Europe.

London’s pedigree in finance has combined with the booming technology scene of the last few years to turn the UK capital into a petri dish for financial innovation.

Eileen Burbidge, the government’s fintech envoy, told Business Insider: “The UK is emerging as the fintech centre of the world and London is the jewel in the crown of the UK’s fintech success story.”

Total investment in London-based fintech companies so far this year has already hit £357 million ($554 million), according to London & Partners, the organisation set up by the Mayor’s office to encourage investment into the city.

That’s already higher than 2014’s total of £314 million ($487 million), according to figures London & Partners obtained from CB Insight.

London & Partners and BI have compiled a list of the 11 funding deals in the sector above £10 million — check them out below.

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